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This site is dedicated to the Arms Fairs held in Queensland. Overall, there are six Arms Fairs and countless other antiques shows around Queensland each year. Brisbane (Queensland Arms Fairs) maintain a front line for our state promotions.  Aims of the shows are Preservation, Education and the Collection of History.

Historical societies and private collectors have a strong and welcome presence.  It's not uncommon to see flintlocks, matchlocks, muskets, percussion cap pistols, obsolete calibre and pinfire arms on sale or display. Many such historic firearms can be purchased without a Weapons License.


Queensland Arms Fairs commenced in Brisbane at Watkins Place and the Police Youth Club in the Valley in the 1970's then at the Downey Park Table Tennis Centre. Fairs then moved around Brisbane, including Redbank, Ipswich Belmont before returning to the John Reid Pavilion 2021.  The area around the venue has dramatically transformed. Restaurants, coffee shops and high rises are more common now. Many old arms dealers from the 1970's have long gone but the interest remains strong with collectors and history buffs. Over 200 tables will be available at this venue.

Venue costs has forced the venue to change.  The 2023 shows being held at The Beenleigh Rum Distillery and The Maryborough Show Grounds.

It's not just about guns.

These shows offer antiques, jewellery and

 Swords, Bayonets, Knives  and collectables  as part of the shows.

Hard to get parts and components, books, expert advice,

modern sporting items and edged weapons are always available.

Militaria including uniforms patches, helmets, Holsters,

 webbing are available from a number of dealers.

International Experts and Product releases are very common.


Vintage arms collections play a big part of the shows.

Collections of Colt and  Australian Arms are frequently on display. 


Books are a common items at these shows.

They Don't require Power and don't need a the Internet to work


Remember that GOOGLE does not know everything.


Ian Skennerton, an internationally recognised author attends our shows.

Paul Fowkes has now published a new book on Arms identification and

regularly conducts training courses. The new book available at the show. 

Many of our dealers are Veterans.  Including SAS  Bomb technicians and

front line soldiers. They always have a good yarn to tell.

Tables bookings can be made direct the contact page.

 Collectors Exhibits, Commercial and Private Dealers are welcome.


Free Lanyards are now available to display your weapons licenses. 

Dealers still need to check the the fine print





Next show starts in

Door Prizes and


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