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Queensland currently has six fairs that include Arms and Ammunition. These events are conducted under an authority issued by the Queensland Weapons Licensing and Explosives Inspectorate. Several other arms fairs are held around Australia.  Those shows will be listed when information is available.

The fairs are primarily about the history surrounding firearms. Displays often have arms from all around the world and the accessories that were used.  Antiques, photographs, flags, ordnance, ammunition and modern arms are commonly available.

Contact the event managers by email.  Site forms can be usually emailed or can be downloaded.

List of events in Queensland. 


Toowoomba and Gympie events are operated separately.  Contact details are supplied below as a matter of courtesy.  Please do not use the Queensland Arms Fair forms to register for those shows.

Event Contacts



Paul Brush 0412 562 252

Paul Fowkes 0427 741 148 


19-20 Feb 2022

16  – 17 July 2022

15-16 Oct 2022


Danny Watson 0407 643 776


21-22 May 2022

10 - 11 Sep 2022

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Gordon MCray 0428 865 204







18-19 June 2022